Revolution Mill Building A

Revolution Mill Building A: Revolution Mill, Building A is a recently completed Historical Preservation project located in Greensboro, North Carolina. The project has 1,657 sprinkler heads installed to bring the original building space up to current code for future tenant lease space. The General Contractor is C.T. Wilson.         

Stanhope 2

  Recently completed  is  a student housing project and parking deck near  N.C. State University, entitled Stanhope 2 ,and included the following:  6,375 Sprinkler Heads, a 500 g.p.m. Electric Fire Pump, multiple wet and dry pipe systems, a Manual Dry Standpipe, Combined Standpipe Riser with Zone Control Assemblies, and Roof Hydrants. This project’s General Contractor Read more about Stanhope 2[…]

Durham City Center

Under construction is the Durham City Center project, located in Durham, North Carolina. This project will be a 28 story mixed-use building with office and residential space, and will have approximately 5,000 sprinkler heads installed.  It will be equipped with a wet system riser, high pressure floor control assemblies, standpipes, and an Electric Fire Pump. The Read more about Durham City Center[…]

Dillon Tower

Under construction is the Dillon Tower project located in Raleigh, North Carolina. This high rise building will be mixed-use with office and retail space, and will have approximately 2,250 sprinkler heads installed.  The building will be equipped with a Wet System Riser, Floor Control Assemblies, Standpipes, and an Electric Fire Pump. The project General Contractor is Read more about Dillon Tower[…]

Paul J. Rizzo Building Addition

Recently completed is the Paul J. Rizzo Conference Center Building Addition, located in Chapel Hill, N.C.  The building is supplied by a Wet Pipe System, Four Dry Pipe Systems, Wet Standpipe with Roof Hydrants, and 1,134 sprinkler heads. The General Contractor was Shelco, LLC.