The Quorum Center
Raleigh, NC

Located in the Glenwood South Area of Downtown Raleigh, This 15 story multi-use high-rise building includes 60 condo apartments, 5 floors of office space and a 3,500 square foot conference center. Allied Fire Protection, Inc. has equipped this building with over 2,500 sprinkler heads, wet and pre-action systems, and a high-pressure standpipe system. This building also includes a 450-car parking garage that is protected throughout with a dry pipe sprinkler system and standpipe system.

Eastern Carolina Cardiovascular Institute
Greenville, NC

This $150 million clinical facility will treat cardiovascular patients in a new, six story, 375,000 sq. ft. tower that will include 120 beds, clinical space, diagnostic services and surgical suites. This addition will be attached to the east end of Pitt County Memorial Hospital. Our company is in the construction phase of this project now. This building will be equipped with nearly 5,000 sprinkler heads, wet and dry systems, and a high-pressure standpipe system. This building is scheduled to be completed late 2008.

West at North
Raleigh, NC

Located in the Glenwood South area of Raleigh, North Carolina, the West at North will be a sixteen-story high-rise multi-use building with a concrete structure. The building area will be approximately 398,000 square feet having one level of retail/commercial space on the first floor. A parking deck will be provided on the first through fourth floors and residential condominiums on the fifth through fifteenth floors. This is a design-build project for our company. Our Design Dept. is currently working through the design and construction development stage of this project.

Allied Fire Protection, Inc.

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